Sunday, July 10, 2016

Thoughts for mid-July 2016

#1. FACEBOOK's invitation to "connect with family and friends...." is CODE for: "We want to identify who you are, what your interests are and who you're related to. We want to know what interests you share with others, what their names are, where they live and what they do for a living. We can predict if you're likely to protest against the state, or if you're "friendly". We want to know if you're a potential threat to the establishment, a risk to the ruling Investor-Class and who are the people in your life who need to be watched. We want names, photos, addresses and relationships, in exchange - we'll give you a little entertainment and diversion."

#2. I'm very cynical. In America, "calls for unity" after violence erupts, is CODE for division and separation. "UNITY" is what distinguishes the separate and unequal struggles between disparate classes! "UNITY" masks the DISunity that is inherently undemocratic and repressive. In other words, "calls for UNITY" is a plea for the OPPOSITE of "unity"; it's a camouflage, behind which to hide resistance to REAL tolerance and acceptance. "UNITY" is pure Orwellian Doublespeak; it's a political talking point, a polling question, a public service announcement. "UNITY" is manure for Christian leaders to spread like fertilizer on the fertile fields of indifference.

#3. The entire "2016 Presidential Election Extravaganza Phenomena" (which has been years in the making) is a complete fraud, a cynical and sarcastic PSYOPs performance art piece of political theater. Everything and everyone has become political props - actors, extras, walk-ons; we've become amateur home video producers and distributors who are part of a socioeconomic experiment in hysteria, violence and terror. We are being conned and scammed, defrauded and deceived by a political system that uses our own circumstances, our consumerism, our greed, ignorance, prejudice and fear to rig the playing field with potholes and IEDs buried in a minefield.

#4. I dreamt we lived in a future when arrests were all "staged" performance pieces and produced screen plays. There had been violent protests and rioting between 2016-2030, open revolt, civil war, chaos, anarchy and lawlessness. After the New Reform Party gained power they began staging public arrests writing screen plays and producing short videos for Media Consumption and State Propaganda Public Relations. There have been no police killings of unarmed citizens, and no incidents of police being killed since the film production company was formed in 2035. Guns are now props; they're not real. Everyone CARRIES them, they're just not real.

#5. People who like to make public prayers, lots of emotional drama and outbursts of political/religious fervor. ....they're performance (con)artists, similar to street performers but without the talent, passion or entertainment value. It's a form of corruption. Think about it.

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