Tuesday, July 19, 2016


The words MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN are words written in CODE. To understand how they're being used and what they mean, they need to be interpreted correctly. Here are the meanings of the code words:

MAKE -- this word is used as in "make the enemy surrender." It is force and enforce. This is where we get "law and order", the surveillance state, secrecy, violations of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, abuses which are used to protect, project and promote a false sense of national security; this is where we find the "huge wall" between the US and Mexico; this is also where we find anti-immigrant rhetoric, anti-Muslim, anti-refugee, anti-Black Lives Matter, anti-union, anti-teachers, anti-students and anti-democratic principles.

AMERICA -- this word has several meanings depending on who the specific target audience is.

(A) For example, "AMERICA" (as in the Bank of America) refers to Wall Street bankers, the elite 1% of the super-rich Investor-Class, real estate moguls, tax evaders, business tycoons, BigMedia, BigPharma, BigStatusQuo (the Establishment), BigJustice ("too big to fail"), BigGuns (the NRA), BigOil (the Kochs). When you hear "make America SAFE again" it is referring to THIS America that is being kept SAFE.

(B) When referring to another form of the word "AMERICA" (as in the Corrections Corporation of America, or CCA), this refers to the poor and middle class citizens, unions, immigrants, minorities, students, children and older people. It is THIS "America" that the phrase "make America WORK again" is referring. It means make America work for $5.00 an-hour minimum wage, make America work to pay for school lunches, make America work to pay for higher taxes, make America work 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet, make America work to pay higher health care costs, make America work to pay for Wall Street bailouts and the permanent war against "terror".

GREAT --- this word is understood as in "God is Great!" It means American Exceptionalism, American Imperialism, American Nationalism, American Militarism, American domination of economics, culture, sports, entertainment and invincible military might. It means Judaeo-Christian Theocracy, Zionism, permanent war, drone assassinations, torture and regime change as needed.

AGAIN --- this word is understood in the sense of “sound bites repeated again and again”. It is expressed as repetition: endless, eternal and forever, apocalyptic and prophetic. The word “AGAIN” describes actions and policies that are made to appear to be consistent (transparent), reliable (shopping), steady (high credit scores), predictable (laws and regulations), stable (consumerism) and they are repeated over and over again (the stock market). Another way of thinking about this CODE is to think “Permanent Republican One-Party Rule”, because nothing says uniformity and permanence better than a long-term, unending American Economic Tyranny (Totalitarianism), which is Predatory Despotism and Capitalist Greed bankrolling Casino Floor Managers (Congress) to help them get re-elected voting cycle after voting cycle.

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