Sunday, February 28, 2016


In a presidential election year, the Big Prize is NOT the Presidency, it's the NOMINATING process: controlling the outcome and hand-picking the NOMINEE to run till November! Living in the White House for two terms isn't as important as selecting the nominee. The long-standing "tradition" is for oligarchs to select two loyal establishment-type politicians who appear to have different worldviews. They argue, debate and we vote. Regardless of who "wins", the Invisible Gov't., like a casino, always wins. The election may SEEM to be "democratic" --- nominating is totalitarian. 

The tsunami of opposition to Trump and Sanders is evidence that Big Money, Big Media, Big Bank and Big Politics-As-Usual HAS LOST CONTROL OVER THE NOMINATING PROCESS! The GOP leadership, with deep pockets to the wealthiest members of the 1% Investor-Class, are scrambling to regain control, to present the nominee to Party loyalists, and to push back against any democratic insurgency. Candidates who once believed themselves to be "entitled" - hand-picked by the Oligarchy - are not winning, or they're running out of money or energy and dropping out; even past losers with nothing to show for their failed campaign except embarrassment threaten to return to the playing field, like a latter-day Brett Favre! 

Trump's nomination for the GOP ticket (and Sanders for the dems) represents the best opportunity we've ever had, or may ever have again, to strike a devastating, debilitating and defiant blow against an invisible government of oligarchs who want to strengthen an anti-democratic one-party theocracy: 1% corporate welfare frauds who have privatized the US Constitution and converted it into a Trade and Business prospectus. Nomination upsets for Trump and Sanders would be victories for democracy, and humiliating defeats for GOP party bosses, power brokers and defenders of the status quo. This should concern ALL of us.

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