Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Black Friday Holiday Shopping Savings!

The "Medical Industrial Complex" is no different than a car dealership or a cable provider: once Big Med gets their fangs and tentacles into a "customer" (not a patient -- a customer!), the customer keeps coming back to the "dealership" (i.e., clinic, hospital, specialist) more and more, until visits to a medical professional (i.e., floor manager, supervisor, salesperson) become a regular routine occurrence, like holiday shopping. The customer will always return time and time again to the same factory outlet to find a better deal than the "factory suggested retail price" printed on the sticker. The customer's health is not important - only CEO profits.

I think the moment in life when we start taking ANY kind of medicine, for ANY kind of condition, great or small --- at that exact moment we're doomed! Even after the original condition has been relieved, or if we complete a detox from toxins, the damage has been done. It's a terrible irony that despite the advancement in health care, once medicine enters the body it's only a matter of time before we'll get sick from the medicine we took to get well! It’s like being in the justice system, or the department of children services: once we're in the system, it's too late, and we become career patients. It's how Big Pharma and Big Med make profits.

"Black Friday" is a great example of how Big Corp used mass marketing, predatory casino advertising, psychology and mind-control techniques developed by the Nazis to make American consumers believe they were "putting one over" on the Job Creators and walking "out the door" with expensive products at DIRT CHEAP BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICES! Consumers think Black Friday is their day of REVENGE, the day they get even and "level the playing field". Other holidays that con the consumer are Valentine's Day, Xmas, Easter, Spring Break, Back-to-School, Summer Vacation, Super Bowl Sunday, Cyber Monday, 4th of July, Memorial Day, New Years Eve.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Proof that the Big Bang came before "GOD"!

The bible offers PROOF that "God", i.e., the MYTH of "God", came AFTER the explosive event known as the "Big Bang" not before. In other words, "God" can't be the Cause of Origin nor the Origin of Cause because the bible proves that the "God narrative" came AFTER the material universe had manifested. 

HERE'S THE PROOF: Psalm 91:1 "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide UNDER THE SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTY." [Those last six words are the key words.]

If the Almighty (God) casts a shadow then the shadow is being produced by another source of light, like an eclipse casting a shadow on the earth: the sun is the source of light which causes a shadow either from the earth or the moon. In Psalm 91, the Almighty casts a shadow. So what is the source of light great enough, powerful enough to cause "God" to cast a shadow? ANSWER: THE BIG BANG, metaphorically called LIGHT.

The question, "who created God?" is answered -- "God" is the narrative, the myth, that arises naturally from the Big Bang. "GOD" wasn't created; the NARRATIVE "God" was created!

The Big Bang is the Origin of Cause and the Cause of Origin. The "light", as it were, from the Big Bang explosion, divided "Itself" into narrative, stories and myths -- just like cells divide. The "ALMIGHTY" is one of those myths. How do we know this? Because the bible says the "Almighty" (God) casts a shadow, and under that shadow living things exist. In Psalm 91, the "Almighty" is not the "light"; the Almighty is casting a shadow FROM the Light. [The book of Genesis is confused on this subject, because the "light" that is attributed to God as creating it, was already manifest with the explosions from the Big Bang, which was probably a series of dramatic explosions. "God" couldn't have said "let there be light", because the Light as Origin of Cause, Cause of Origin existed BEFORE the "God" narrative was invented to explain creation!]

According to the bible, in the beginning God created the Light - so, according to Judeo-Christian tradition, "God" can't be the Light and at the same time the creation of the Light; "God" can't be the Light and the shadow FROM the Light. (NOTE: Eastern philosophies and metaphysical practices have no trouble creating a context for both yin and yang as one organic whole: in that sense, "God" can be both "THE LIGHT" and the "CREATION" of the Light simultaneously. Western religions can't conceive of this, they can't comprehend this.)

The narrative/myth of "God" came AFTER the Big Bang, not before. The narrative sought to explain and make sense out of the visible material universe. Over a period of time, the narrative attempting to express awareness of being aware collapsed into "reality" and the Origin of Cause, and the Cause of Origin was lost temporarily.