Thursday, June 25, 2015

"The Economy"

"The economy exists in perpetual openness of change, perpetually in a process of self-creation. It is always unsatisfied.....the economy is perpetually constructing itself." In Hindu philosophy: Brahma creates, Vishnu preserves, Shiva destroys. At the highest level this represents three aspects of one Reality, energy moving into three distinctions of awareness. Applied to economics, "the mobility of capital (production, commodities, money) and labor is perpetually subject to revolutionary transformation." Capital literally creates its own time and space.

Ground-Breaking VISIONARY (R9)

The future of neoliberal socialist-humanism: I have a dream of a future time when people who have more pain and suffering than they've earned, those who have more poverty and sickness than they're entitled to -- a portion of their impoverishment will be taken from them and redistributed to those in society who have less of it. In a neoliberal socialist-humanist society, "equality" will be measured in terms of "shared poverty", i.e., the collective management of "sustainable scarcity", to which EVERYone is entitled - not in the pursuit of happiness, but as a revolutionary struggle to be less UNhappy!

From The End of Capitalism

A fascinating analysis of a fatal contradiction of economic growth: As advanced computer technologies produce more-faster-better profits due to competition, reduced man-hours, cheap wages and foreign trade, it also replaces highly-skilled and mid-to-lower skilled workers. When they lose their jobs and can't afford to buy the products their company makes, the companies can't sell what they produce, and eventually go bankrupt. When unemployment hits all social strata and privatized services no longer are sustainable, where does "economic growth" come from? (The End of Capitalism, by David Harvey)

"Job Creators"

"Creating jobs" and "job creators": empty and meaningless terms useful as fictitious political ploys for artificially dividing social classes. These terms represent unachievable (and unwanted) goals, intentionally vague and disingenuous solutions the Investor-Class claims will solve problems that they themselves created in the first place! "Creating jobs" is the rally-cry for political hacks to use as a narcotic. There ARE no "job creators"; there are only drug dealers, distributors & manufacturers forming narco-gov't cartels supplying the public with anti-depressants, not to get high and FEEL good, but rather to struggle to feel less BAD than the next person.

From Facebook Posts, June 2015

It's too bad cable news is wasting air-time on the confederate flag "controversy" (BORING!) and not even 5 minutes on the disastrous secret trade deal (TPP), the Pope's encyclical supporting the science behind global warming, the commercial profiteering of the US prison industry, American gov't spying on allies, the drones and run-away spending on the military industrial complex, the domestic surveillance state, or the indiscriminate killing of unarmed blacks and demonstrators, economic class inequity, the new housing bubble....there's more information needed besides the history of fucking southern bigotry!