Friday, April 10, 2015

Irrelevant and Unnecessary (Original Amazon book review published 4.10.15)

The reason I bought this book in the first place, and actually read it, is because of a book by Lydia Lunch, "Will Work for Drugs". (see Amazon review: "This was the first book by Lydia Lunch that I've read, and I will definitely read more! It was fast-paced, flirty, sexual, urban, modern, rebellious and sacrilegious all at the same time. As good as it was, as provocative in a poetic style, the interviews she published in the last part was worth reading the entire book just to get to the end, read the interviews and find the list of new books from writers who are new to me! I will absolutely be reading those books.)

Lunch did an interview with Jerry Stahl that was incredibly great. So I bought like, four of his books just based on her interview. "Pain Killers" is the first one I read; I'll probably read the others just because I paid money for them, but I'm not expecting too much. The point is, I didn't really care for at least one-third of "Killers". The first part, literally Part One, was OK, interesting, kept me coming back for more of the same, hoping for I-don't-know-what and settling for less than that.

Part Two was irrelevant and unnecessary; I barley finished it with any enthusiasm left for life itself. I closed the last page of the book wondering "what the hell was that?" Why had I wasted so much of my time reading this book? Was it really wasted, or did I transform space and time? What was the point of reading it? None, obviously: it was an exercise in pure-reading for the sake of reading with my eyes moving across a page, turning those pages one after the other, carrying the book from front room to bedroom until I was done with it and could slide it in a book shelf between two other books because all three are the same height and they match-up!

I can't recommend this book with any seriousness; but it gave me something to do as I checked my mobile phone for emails and text messages.

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