Friday, February 6, 2015

Feb. 6, 2015 Whites Creek TN Commentary

We're making a mistake if we think that corporate greed and consumerism is something "out there" that happens to us "over here". Consumerism is a propaganda-driven post-modern, self-help-world-order mindset obsessed with having to be "extraordinary" -- a unique individual who "makes a difference" by constantly "having conversations" about excellence, about possibilities to achieve one's "full potential" and about "transformation". Advertising merely capitalizes on our weaknesses, insecurities, our schizophrenia by giving us ads in the form of mini-conversations! WE are the cause of consumerism, NOT corporations!The money we spend on our self-worth is what finances the wars we all hate.The old adage about getting the government we deserve should be rewritten: we get the corporations we deserve.

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