Thursday, August 7, 2014

No Bullshit: I prefer Atheism and Anarchy.

Aug. 7, 2014 
Today is primary election day here in Tennessee, which reminds me that the idea of “free elections” is a piece of raw red meat tossed to the public every couple of years to make us think we’re actually deciding something that matters. And if it does matter, it matters only to the voter; the results of the election don’t matter too much in the long or the short run. 

Once every two years the public is told that this is democracy in action. Voting is the American Way and it’s the reason wars are fought. It’s why terrorists hate us, as George W. Bush once said. But, in fact, it’s all a myth; an illusion. And it’s worse than that: it’s self-delusion, like an alcoholic in denial, or a meth addict convinced he's seeing creatures looking at him, waving his hands and laughing from the bathroom mirror, tempting him to come inside. 

“Voting” has become a litmus test for civic duty every two years. The rest of the time we're told to “Shut up and shop!” And now, to drive a nail in the ballot box of futility, belief in God as the father of democracy goes right along with voting as a test of one’s identity with Christian Zionism and the optimistic future-world promised by Evangelicalism. 

Belief in God; belief in democracy: no thanks, I prefer atheism and anarchy.

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