Thursday, August 21, 2014

Empirical Evidence. Positive proof that there is no God. Psychopathology.

People who believe in God always ask atheists to prove there is no God. So here is empirical evidence and positive proof that God does not exist: The Human Mind is positive proof that there is no God. Belief in God and other delusional magical explanations for human existence and behavior is proof of error; the fatality of a defective mind; an artifact from an aberrant psychological miscarriage; the product of a flawed, error-prone, accident-prone, disease-ridden, death-destined, purely evolutionary phenomenon responsible for the blemished realities of the human mind. Evangelism and proselytizing is proof by their very admission that the reason for legislating and defending “religious freedom” is precisely because belief in God is psychologically indefensible: “religious freedom” is “affirmative action” for believers.

Religion’s insecurity is obvious by its obsession with injecting it’s narrative into every culture, like morphia, attempting to impose its will, to manipulate, dominate and rule fundamentally every form of human activity, retreating behind the shield of “liberté!” Disbelief is not an aberrant psychology; on the contrary, doubt and skepticism is the rule, “belief” is the exception. As an impersonator of truth, the bible and other religious dogmas of deception were forged to explain away the worst human traits and characteristics that distinguish human beings… hate, revenge, murder, war, oppression, slavery. Entire libraries are filled with religious “holy books” written to explain away these appearances, to make excuses for them and to attribute them to imaginary unseen forces of “evil”, or “Satan”, “the Devil” or “temptation”. 

Belief in God has replaced personal responsibility with psychopathology. 

Believing in God: that’s our empirical evidence, proof that there’s no God. It couldn’t be more clear.

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