Monday, July 7, 2014

Why the Internet is a threat to the Power Base of the Investor-Class.

The Internet, as it was conceived by its creators and in its current form, poses an imminent threat to the military-power base of the Ruling Class because they cannot control the social narrative. The social narrative must be controlled by the state in order to ensure that it's myths are created in the interest of the state. The internet, as it is right now, is a natural threat to the supremacy of the state’s domination. Access to the narrative by the poorer classes represents an obstruction, like a large kidney stone stuck in the ureter, causing blood to appear in the urine. This will give us some idea of exactly what the substance is that fills up the disparity-gap we’re hearing so much about lately between rich and poor populations: we’re the blood in the urine from the bladder of the Ruling Class.

When the Investor-Class Power Players talk about reforming laws to shrink the ever-widening economic disparity gap between rich and poor, they're talking about the disparity of the equality-gap between themselves -- not between rich and poor populations! When the Ruler-Investor Class talks about middle class access to upward mobility and opportunity, they're talking about widening the disparity gap to guarantee permanent social and economic inertia among the poorer classes. If we pay attention to the words and terms the Militarized Investor-Class use to disguise their intentions, we can see clearly that what they're talking about, who the “targets” are and what their policies are designed to accomplish, is exactly the very opposite from what they say. TRUST NO ONE.

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