Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Triad of Modern Warfare: The New Normal

In the latest fighting involving Israel and the Palestinians, we’re witnessing the new model for modern war. It’s a triad built on profit-loss estimates:

1. Militarism
2. Religion
3. Corporate Interests

(We see the same thing between Russia and Ukraine, only “religion” is replaced with “secularism”, but the results are the same.)

When the United Nations, or a coalition of nations, respond to global conflicts, the order of priorities is reversed:

1. Corporate Interest
2. Religion
3. Militarism 

The first weapon of choice is always Corporate Interests, “economic sanctions”. If that doesn’t work, the other nations try to degrade the opposition's cultural and religious base. Finally, if that doesn’t work, the last resort is militarism. 

This triad of warfare is the New Modern Normal for Industrial Nations.

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