Saturday, July 5, 2014

Is Atheism, by definition, Anti-Semitic?

Consider that atheism is, by definition, anti-Semitic. Does an atheist have the right to practice anti-Semitism based on the absence entirely of closely held “religious beliefs”? Is he, or she, entitled to the same preferential treatment and deference as someone who confesses a believe in God?

Atheism by its very nature is hostile to religious beliefs. Whether real or merely perceived, atheism is in conflict with every tenant, every creed, every agenda, oath and confession, every moral precept upon which the presupposition of the existence of God is absolutely essential. Far from being a silent spectator of history, atheism is the antagonist to every religious artifact of history; when God-talk enters a narrative, the atheist sees things as they are and says, "No!"

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, atheists are considered enemy combatants, like Satan, locked in mortal combat with Christian Zionism, Christian Dominion, Christian Reconstruction, the Israeli occupation for ethnic cleansing, American military aggression, and economic and commercial imperialism. This secular fight-to-the-death-struggle is being waged in the name of an existential right for Israel to exist as a nation, a birthright predicated solely on the basis of a belief in God. This faith is reinforced by Zionism and the Torah, making the claim that among all the peoples of the world, Jews are the "chosen people” whose destiny is sanctified with a “promise” of the Holy Land: sandbags of sand blowing away in the wind like so much useless dry topsoil, symbolizing a contract between Jehovah and the Jews and ratified by traditions of endless bloody war. Not to be outdone, from a Christian worldview as pious competitors in the religious marketplace, the American religious right believe they are the "elite", the ones who are "saved" by the blood of Christ on the Cross, Whom the Jews (stubbornly) still reject to this very day. The American Christian believes they are the ones, not the Jews, who will be spared devastation and horror at the first signs of the apocalypse, because, as we all know, Christ has made them "exceptional", along with all the Messianic Jews for Jesus.

Ordinarily an individual can separate their humanity from their religious beliefs; they're two different and separate things: you are a person, and you have a set of beliefs. For most people, who they are as humanity and what their belief system is are distinct and divisible from, say, conjoined identical twins, conjoined in utero. In other words, friends and co-workers can dislike or disagree with your beliefs without being disparaged or accused of hating you.

However, with Judaism this is clearly not the case. According to their own self-inflicted pedigree, a Jew's humanity is his religious belief and his religious belief is his humanity! They’re inseparably joined at the hip. With Judaism, there’s no distinction between humanity and persona. Even more dramatically, the claim a Jew makes to a legal birthright to exist as a human being always comes with the caveat claiming Israel's right to exist as a member of the United Nations, a "continuing resolution" for the autonomy of an Israeli-occupied Jerusalem. It’s a package deal: Acceptance of Israel; acceptance of Jews; acceptance of Judaism; acceptance of Christ; acceptance of American Exceptionalism; the rejection of everything else. These are views shared by a congregation of narcissists! It is with this sense of entitlement to the prophetic revelations of God’s predestination that Jews, and Christians, see themselves as an integral part, and through which they perceive their own Genesis.

We live in a world where anyone who condemns Israel, or questions their military responses, or opposes Christian theocrats in government and the precepts of American Exceptionalism and the Christian Zionist movement, or ventures to argue, sympathetically, in support of the Palestinians has committed an act of anti-Semitism, maybe even a hate crime; certainly such “insolence” is a form of religious discrimination at the very least. And if I’m critical of Israel or Jews; if I say I like Wagner and Nietzsche, does that mean I'm a Nazi!? Of course not! It would be a human tragedy of epic proportions to keep fighting wars in the name of existential self-defense and spurious claims based on superstitions passed down from generation to generation, like a dusty old family heirloom, about the "Holy Land". How absurd!! Why should the rest of the world suffer because a handful of religious sects want to exercise their right to exist by using tanks, jets, grenade launchers, IEDs, suicide bombs, hijacked planes and howitzers? Once again reality is starring us in the face. What more proof do we need? "Excuse me, sir, but can you please turn that gun on yourself?! Thank you."

History teaches us that hate and fear are attached by an umbilical cord to a brain dead world sustained by magical thinking, superstition, fantasy, religion, sadism and, ultimately, sheer cruelty. The laughable absurdity and irony of it all is that the worst entitlement programs the world has ever seen benefit the most fraudulent welfare recipients: wealthy pious war mongers, historical revisionists, war hawks, Wall Street gamblers, religious fanatics and neo-cons, all in the name of “God”! But in this world order, there are no handouts or bailouts for the disadvantaged and the poor. Instead, free gifts of absolute power, endless supplies of money and accommodation, like temptations in the Garden, rain down upon the right religions, not merely the religious right!

As the doors to the Great Judeo-Christian Feast of the Irrelevant begin to close on the starving faces of the unemployed masses, we can see into the dining room where the private patrons, the privileged donors and blue-bloods of the investor-class search for their place cards, bought and paid for by the labor of the gullible, squeezing themselves as closely as they can get to the head of the table of corporate theocratic oligarchs. This is the wedding reception dinner-celebration paying tribute to the groom, Judeo-Christian "Exceptionalism", who married the bride "Religious Entitlement”. Their unruly bastard children are already the scourge of the earth. But take hope that they are the last contaminants. The last polluters. The last dead fish washed up on the banks of the Sea of Galilee.

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