Sunday, July 6, 2014

(7.6.14) The week in Astrology, in less than a minute.


ARIES: “Platonic love” is an oxymoron.
TAURUS: Calm and secure, but nothing happens.
GEMINI: You can’t execute groups of people.
CANCER: When you have sex, your arm pits make little sounds.
LEO: You haven’t learned yet that you’re missing the point.
VIRGO: “Abnormal” people give you good reasons to like them.
LIBRA: Strength the wrong way is better than weakness the right way.
SCORPIO: Happiness is a journey without baggage. 

SAG: Bread may rise, but that won't stop you from falling off a bicycle.
CAP: Wear your best suit and breathe in the chemical fumes from the fiber.
AQUARIUS: Mozart's difficult, but you can still
enjoy sex with a string quartet!
PISCES: Waste time now while it’s still available.

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