Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Who can I get angry at now?

June 24, 2014
This review is from: With Liberty and Justice for Some
“Liberty and Justice for Some” is superbly written, exactly as you would expect from Glenn Greenwald. From cover-to-cover it’s filled with documented hard evidence, presented with historical accuracy, with analysis in plain English and transparent, almost painful, intellectual honesty. His conclusions are beyond reproach. Greenwald examines the concepts of “elite immunity” and exposes the reality of too-big-to-jail financial institutions and their complex political infrastructures to the light of day. In America, Constitutional protections and guarantees of equality and justice have been on a collision course with politics and capitalism. Indeed, as Greenwald implies, maybe it ends (or does it begin?) with violence. Surely, violence to America’s founding principles has already occurred, and is reoccurring everyday in court houses across the nation, in our corrupt over-crowded penal system, the rigged financial markets, which all comes to fruition in the late-night cramped backrooms where a secret government does its work, but not the “People’s” work.

America has become a Banana Republic where Presidential immunity and American’s two tier system of “justice” coexist as one consumer-driven, money-printing, minority-incarcerating machine to benefit and sustain the top one-percent of the population. This book is as good investigative journalism as you’ll find anywhere. Maybe the only criticism I can find in this book (which was copyright in 2011) is that I read Greenwald’s “No Place To Hide” (2014) first and that spoiled me. Stories like the NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden come along only once in a life time and Greenwald definitely put his name on the map with that one! I expected “Liberty and Justice……” to shock me as much as the other, but it didn’t – it just confirmed everything. Maybe my disappointment with “Liberty and Justice for Some” (if I can call it “disappointment”) is that, as an investigative journalist, Glenn Greenwald does too good a job. He makes it too easy to understand. Who do I get angry at now?

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