Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Interpretation and the Dream (6.19.14)

The Interpretation of the Dream:

At some point between the cradle and the grave of each person’s life, an idea forms that there is (or must be!) purpose, meaning or significance; that to be complete and whole, as it were, we must discover what that is. In fact, if an explanation is needed and wanted, we can explain these ideas as a function of the nervous system and the evolution of the brain, which is Self-awareness and Purpose. (Self-awareness isn’t something we have that makes us aware; self-awareness is – itself aware: a computer doesn’t have a hard drive, it is a hard drive. Life doesn’t have a purpose; it is purpose….. like in the Zen riddle, how can the eye see but not see itself?) “Meaning” is a function of the nervous system producing the experience of self-awareness. Thoughts, ideas, purposes, meanings and significances exist as a function of the nervous system, an artifact of evolution, nothing more. In other words, there’s no “God”, “creator”, or “meaning” outside the nervous system and the brain. Remove the nervous system and consciousness, and there’s no past, present or future. The nervous system is our awareness of being aware and from this awareness we invent meaning and time. “The End of Time” is the end of meaning, and that’s what death is.

The Dream:

I had a dream I was in a class. I had to give a presentation of something I created. I had to write it, stage it, memorize and present it spontaneously and make it sound improvised. I used prerecorded music as part of the presentation and made it like a free-association word piece with jazz.

There was a problem: someone I couldn’t identify was interfering with my practice sessions making it impossible for me to practice and prepare my presentation! I battled with this person who was preventing me from completing my assignment. Out of frustration and desperation I asked the instructor to clean up the environment so that I could prepare the presentation for class.

The instructor got me to see that the intruder represented the entanglements in life. They did not present a problem, nor did they offer a solution. Without this obstruction, mine would simply be an ordinary life, at best an average “nothing-in-particular” life. Awareness of my adversary (which was really me) produced a spontaneous and improvised experience, without which the monotony of life would give me nothing to remember.

It turned out, at the end of the dream, my presentation didn’t matter: the value of the assignment was in the struggle and conflict, the confrontation and hostility. The completion of the assignment was the struggle to make the presentation, not the actual presentation which was empty and meaningless.

When I woke up and I saw that I had slept an hour later than usual.

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