Sunday, June 8, 2014

"The Glass Slipper"

I'm writing a new twist on an old fairy tale, Cinderella. My X-rated adult adaptation of the classic children’s story is called "The Glass Slipper". It’s the story of a New York City lesbian, highly successful fashion designer, Roxanne, who specializes in avant-garde costumes for masquerade parties. She’s a local celebrity, infamous for simulating taboo sex acts in public; a kind of spontaneous “performance art” exhibitionist. She’s the "handsome prince" in the original fairy tale.

Roxanne falls in love with nineteen year old deaf mute and insanely beautiful runway model, Toni-T, the “Cinderella” character: obsessed over by men, women and beasts hungry to scavenge her unnatural beauty, sophisticated tranquility and her naïveté. Toni-T is married (or “contracted”) to Frankie "The Ink" Marchetti, a CPA working for a Wall Street derivatives-trading casino firm as the enforcer for a money laundering protection racket. His job is to keep the books clean and collect premiums every month. He gets his nickname, "The Ink", because he runs a fraud table at the casino forging and then insuring debt to unsuspecting pension plans and insurance companies. Frankie is the composite character of the mean and cruel stepmother and her ugly sisters, all bundled into his character just like the fake securitized mortgages Frankie’s bosses unload at the Fleece Market!

The lead in the story is stunning Toni-T, the "submissive" deaf mute to Frankie’s "dominate" Dungeon Master. Frankie gets Toni-T addicted to crystal meth, also known as “glass” and teaches her how to inject herself, intravenously, using a syringe he calls “the slipper”, in other words, “The Glass Slipper”. High on crystal meth for weeks at a time, living in a BDSM-insulated world of drug addiction, unfulfilled sexual appetites and self-delusion, Toni-T is made to perform “chores” around the clock for Frankie and his Wall Street mob bosses. Demanding obedience and blood-loyalty, they take sexual favors from her imprisoned in a shadowy world of grand larceny, sadistic pain and punishment. This is known as "jerking off the sit down. " 

Eventually, towards the middle part of the story, Toni-T’s runway work for Roxanne takes a bad turn for the worse. What starts out as an adaptation of a children’s fairy tale, “The Glass Slipper” becomes a modern-day, big city crime novel. It’s a hard-core, nail-biting, barn-burning depiction of crime, the scenes of crime and the aftershock of crime. It’s the story of how a NYC fashion designer and her wayward girlfriend, the masochist, seek and find revenge, retribution and the final repayment of debt.

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