Monday, June 2, 2014

NEW R&D TECHNOLOGY in the forefront of security technology to Disrupt! Destroy! and Diffuse!

DISRUPT. New Silicon Valley start-up-security-firm (“TitanTech” or simply, TNT) has developed a “defensive” electronic device (ListenThis) that installs in any room of the house, emitting low-level scrambling-white-noise-frequency-signals unheard by the human ear, producing a signal throughout the entire house disrupting transmission of audio sounds. Any attempt to remotely activate a microphone on a smartphone to retrieve audio intel of any kind will fail.

DESTROY. The firm developed “defensive” camera technology (SayCheese) in the form of a tiny “button” worn on the outside of a shirt collar or a coat, for example. It works on the same principle as lasers that target airlines causing temporary blindness to pilots. SayCheese emits a beam of light invisible to the human eye. Any attempt to use stealth video/camera technologies to photograph or record people without their knowledge or permission will fail, causing damage to the lens and destroying the camera.

DIFFUSE. TNT is ready to roll out its “defensive” anti-facial-recognition app (FaceOff). This app features pixelated sensors embedded in a selfie. When third party intel ops attempt to collect metadata or other identifying markers from the image, FaceOff mutates the pixels as recorded by the attacker’s computer, causing metadata to radically react violently, behaving like an encrypted virus, malware or other contaminants. Similar to skin mites crawling under the skin, FaceOff leaves rash-like “black holes” in the host server. As the program for facial intel tries to escape, the “virus” tunnels deeper into the attacker’s hardware. Even if the attacker is successful in shutting down the server and “temporarily” disabling it, the system will never restart or reboot; it will be like an old car without a motor.

(NEW R&D TECHNOLOGY. “TNT -- We blow up. You mop up!”)

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