Thursday, June 12, 2014

Insurance Fraud and the VA Scandal

The VA hospital scandal is going to explode, if and when the media reports on wide-spread INSURANCE FRAUD and wholesale short selling on bundled veteran's life insurance policies. On behalf of veteran's who have waited for months on end, never seeing a doctor, insurance claims have been filed, rubber-stamped and payments made to phony primary care administrators. Treatment was never received. Patients were never admitted. When the patient dies, investment speculators and insurance brokers split the benefits as lawful beneficiaries.

Insurance commodity traders get kickbacks and bonuses for betting against the veteran's chances of receiving medical care. (This is called a "short sell".) Mega-insurance carriers in the US banking industry, the titan's in the corrupt insurance trade, colluded with speculators and the VA to rig the outcome by ensuring longer wait times, producing higher premiums and greater returns on investments when death benefits paid off; sort of like fixing a roulette wheel to always pay off on certain bets. Wall Street casinos treat the VA just like any other profit-making gambling table, according to unconfirmed and anonymous unreliable sources.

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