Tuesday, June 10, 2014


We keep hearing dire predictions about humanity's imminent demise, our path "towards" extinction. The question follows, "Can we stop the madness? Can we reverse the damage already inflicted on the blue planet?" I say, the future of humanity on earth is the same as the future of a human being on earth: death. Extinction. Not eternal life. Not salvation. Not survival.

I think our perspective is eskew. We're not "going towards" extinction; we're not moving in that direction: humanity is already extinct! What we experience every day is the steady and accelerating existential reality of deterioration and decay, putting the image of an existential crisis of extinction into everything we know.

The "push back" against climate change, for example, has origins in the delusional belief in God, Jesus in particular: the Savior bringing salvation and eternal life to an elite and selected few -- the religious 1% -- who will thrive on the earth for a thousand years of paradise. After you stop laughing, don't hold your breath.

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