Sunday, June 1, 2014

Algorithmic Governance

Concerned with government gridlock, a weak, ineffective presidency and a do-nothing congress, Google (in collaboration with the NSA) is developing an “Algorithmic Governance” app known as ARMGOV. Simply put, this is a massive and complex algorithm built from billions-times-billions of smaller algorithms mimicking the variables of local, city, state and national administrative/governing responsibilities including national defense, nuclear deterrence and global security.

After an initial coming-on-line transition phase, ARMGOV will successfully replace the election process, elected officials, politicians, political parties, lobbyists, PACS, donations and campaigns. Google calms fears assuring that there will be no abuse, tampering nor any possibility of input from special interests groups, because all economic activity occurring within the population will be tracked, monitored and quantified by the algorithm at the speed of light using high-speed satellite lasers.

NOTE: Immigration issues will also be solved as a by-product of ARMGOV because “citizenship” will not be a consideration in the algorithm’s calculations, only the economic activity occurring in the population. ARMGOV acknowledges no color of skin, recognizes no religious allegiance and speaks only the language of CODE.

After over 200 years of success and failure (mostly failure), economic fairness, equity and opportunity will be within everyone’s reach by the Government..... of the Government..... and for the Government of ARMGOV. Without regard to race, sex, gender, orientation, education or class: true democracy will be established using advanced technology, securing the “pursuit of happiness” for all of humanity, for all time.

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