Friday, May 23, 2014

The state giveth, and the state taketh away.

Attempting to protect racial/socio-religious groups from “offensive”, “insensitive” speech, we’ve become a society that is more racist and insensitive than ever. Like corrupted computer code, we have reverse-engineered affirmative action and the First Amendment and applied them in the opposite way than originally intended. “Racism”, now, is a catch-all term for anything unpleasant that upsets people, like a Trojan Horse or malware: “Don't talk about Blacks. Don't talk about Jews. Don't talk about Christians. Don't talk about Mexicans. Don’t talk about scary, white, bald-headed tattooed men. Don't talk about minorities…." We may think we have a right to an opinion, but the right to express it stops at the color of someone's skin or at the doors of a “house of worship”. The First Amendment gave us the right to an opinion, but we’re not entitled to it: the state gave it to us and the state has taken it away. [Of course, any expression of an opinion is under surveillance by the NSA, so at least someone gets to hear it.]

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