Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rhio9's Astrology Now (May 4, 2014) "The Sun May Be In Taurus, but My Heart's In Tennessee!"

Don’t be so quick to make up your mind; it’s likely to be stressful and hard to change. You’ll be liked by a co-worker or a Facebook friend for about 10 weeks, but the clock of betrayal is ticking and time won’t turn back for you or anyone else. But even still: “time” is not your enemy. It’s OK to experiment with Miss Lucky Numbers, because when she opens up and accepts you there’ll be something dripping from her juicy wet lips. Whoops, sorry: there’s a negative side, too. You might think you’re capable of enforcing a moral code to control your friends and enemies -- but you’ld be wrong. If you’re not careful (or maybe even if you are), you could witness the disillusion of your own self-interests. You may even be persuaded that boredom overcomes curiosity, only for it to kill curiosity by hanging it from the ceiling by a rope! There’s no humor in that. No one will be laughing. There’s no amusement there. So be resolved to learn to navigate the Ship of Love floating in the river of the muddy heart. Don’t worry, you won’t need directions. The world will serve you better in June (when the sun goes into Gemini) than in May. In the meantime, trust someone else and “REPEAT”.

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