Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rhio9’s “Astrology Tomorrow-Today”

The sun is in Taurus: Expect to break up with people who worry a lot. Don’t concern yourself with things that aren’t worth your time or money. You’ll probably feel misunderstood, but that’s not unusual. Tolerate discomfort now and at the end of the day you won’t be so unappreciated. Take note: Saturn is not your friend -- you can’t get no satisfaction; you can’t get your questions answered; people won’t choose you to be on their team and you’ve got no ambition. This week, look for an invitation to an important meeting, but if you go -- that’ll be a big mistake. Remember: when a good sense of comedic timing is needed, patience is its own reward. It still gets better: when the sun goes into Gemini there’ll be breakthroughs but first you’ll have to get rid of the odor from your crawl space. Don’t forget: standing water breeds mosquitoes. It’s not wise to believe in “Lucky Numbers”; that’s just a dirty trick. But take heart, dear one: the sky gets darker before it goes totally black.

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