Thursday, April 17, 2014

No Value is Minus Value

The concept “negative value” from interacting with on-line social-network personas: At the very least, we want to experience positive value in the give-and-take of on-line activity. We want the experience of having our “conversation” furthered along, propelled forward by the interaction. Trouble arises when interaction produces “zero-value”. Because no-value is really “negative value”, minus-value -- the experience leaves us with less than what we had to start with. No-value is not break-even, it’s “minus-value”. It suppresses conversation by taking away some of its value that was there before and now the space is vacant. It’s the opposite of momentum: it’s “lomentum”. Definition: a slow, sluggish, vague kind of start-up; an undetermined “keep going”; an uncertain form of anemic energy; a condition of no-blood, slow metabolic rate appearing to be in retrograde; lacking substance, but still having form. That's the time to remove that contact and "friend" someone else.

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