Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Sunday Rewrite: Adam and Eventually

I'm rewriting the story of "Adam and Eventually" -- in my story, Adam is lost in the prison garden and Eventually says "There's an app for that!" So he builds a phone and calls it an iArk and puts every gadget and wireless device he can find into the "phone" and thinks he can use it without godparent knowing about it. But godparent created GPS and secret cameras and so He/She/It knows and sees all. Adam gets arrested. Adam hides out inside a foreign embassy. Eventually escapes to Russia. She gets pregnant and has a litter of little whistle-blowers and populates the world with hackers. And then comes the great flood of cheap labor and the rest goes to shit. The End. (Oh yeah, "Happy TGIF" was only "good" for Russian soldiers and nobody else; the same as today in Ukraine.)

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