Sunday, April 27, 2014

Am I Pathologically Cynical?

I might be diagnosed pathologically skeptical, pathologically cynical....if these are even real conditions. 

Tell me if you can relate to this: The other day I watched a video. It featured an elderly grandad and the family dog. The man apparently had Alzheimer's and almost lost his ability to talk. There was a hidden camera setup to document the interaction between man and his dog. In the privacy of the room, with the camera on, the old man started talking, quite clearly actually, to the dog who responded lovingly. There was some nice atmospheric piano music dubbed over the video, a kind of Eric-Satie-meets-William-Zeitler. There were lots of emotional comments, people teared up. Now, what disturbed me about this was my own reaction: I immediately assumed it was fake. I was skeptical from the git-go that any of it was real. I thought that it was staged. I doubted the veracity of the video and presumed there was an ulterior motive. Why am I so jaded? So skeptical? So cynical? Am I low on endorphins, Seratonin and Dopamine? Has my long past drug use finally rendered me emphatically vacant? This isn't the first time this has happened. Have I squandered my belief in the goodness of human nature and spent my fortune on luxury, costume jewelry and trinkets?

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