Monday, March 17, 2014

THE PRIEST…. the Genesis of Marriage, Slavery and Prostitution

Prostitution is not the world’s “oldest profession”; that honor goes to THE PRIEST, as a symptom of disease. Consider the genesis of the Rabbi, the carnival barker, the shaman, the flim-flam man, the witch doctor, medicine man, voodoo man – the bully, pastor, televangelist…. the politician! The origin is the con, the swindle, the scheme, the fraud, the deception, the priest as deceiver. Towards what end? To what purpose? What motive?

The motive of the priest is not merely to survive, but to thrive! Money gives him incentive to ignore that he’s the stillborn of the unnatural: belief in God! (There’s nothing more unnatural, or more deserving of a miscarriage, than “God”.) The purpose of the priest’s con is to get the advantage, to have more, possess more, to have more owed to him than he owes to others, because of what he knows about them. Confessions of sins: bits and pieces of intelligence he can use to blackmail. In fact, the concept “original sin” is a frame up. Paying tithing is a bribe; guilt only makes it easier. Prophesies are marketing presentations for the church itself, a lucrative criminal enterprise taking advantage of commercial success. In other words, the origins of capitalism and democracy, home foreclosures and rising stock dividends, social, economic and racial injustice, hatred and envy: the priest is the genesis of them all.

We need to ask, “What is the common origin of the priest --- from whom, and for whom, marriage, slavery and prostitution are socio-cultural inventions?” The answer: corruption is the genesis of the priest. The proof: go to the source, follow the money, the body and blood of the priest. It shows up particularly in the mythology of “holy communion” -- the priest never invests his own money, he always uses somebody else’s. The question for criminal investigators: “Who is the source of everything we know about the bible, about Islam, about Judaism? About government? About values? Morals? Entitlements? Who stands to gain the most from traditional limitations of marriage and, by extension, slavery? Who benefits from prostitution? Who has the time to prowl around the garbage cans of government picking out the “just” wars from the “unjust” all the while lobbying tax breaks for the rich? Who, like a co-conspirator or a suspect, inserts superstition into the scientific method?” The answer to all these questions is THE PRIEST! The priest is the caretaker of history living in a junkyard, protecting and serving everyone who lives on Tax-Free-Entitlement & Welfare-Easy-Street, proudly wearing a coat of many colors, bathing in light of the power and the glory of the one percent!

And the origin of the “one percent”: THE PRIEST.

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