Thursday, March 13, 2014

A New Word for the English Language

The NewWave Oxford Dictionary added a new word to the English language: “MAYLAYSIA”  [(n) ma·lay·sia  (mə-lā′zhə,-shə) or used as a verb (v) ma-lay-siaed (mə-lā′zhə,-shəd)]

Definition: (1) to give, or to be given, erroneous and misleading information meant to confuse others or (2) to be treated, or to treat others, with the intention to disguise dishonesty and ineptitude such that (a) the ability to make rational decisions is severely impaired and (b) frustration is heightened to the point of violence, or to cause deep depression, anxiety and/or apathy, or another psychological aberrant. (3) The means to obfuscate and evade reality; that which is utilized for self-deception.

Examples of Sentences: 
(1) “Fox News maylaysia’s its audience on a regular basis.” 
(2) “The President maylaysia’ed his way through the news conference.” 
(3) “The breaking story was buried in a maylasia of disinformation.”

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