Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ted Nugent Is A Piss of Work

Ted Nugent is a piss of work, the feces of moral decay to be flushed down the toilet for his impurification. A psychopath (fundamentally flawed and amoral), he is criminally insane without any redeeming human value and no social worth whatsoever. He is a curse upon the land, a famine in the cracked earth for the idiots. He is dirty underwear, stained and sinking to the bottom of a pool of urine, causing the foul noxious odor of bad breath and rotting tooth decay to waft across the land of the living, of whom he is envious. It is from circumstances like these that he has become The Fool he was destined to be: a speed freak with a mental birth defect and a urinary tract infection. He makes the Third Reich look progressive and tolerant. He makes TV reality shows look profound. But make no mistake and never forget that he is a ticking time bomb, like an improvised explosive device buried off to the side of the road less traveled and he wants to promote christian bigotry, fear, hate and ruthless ambition where there is neither liberty nor justice for all.

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