Monday, February 17, 2014

Famous Last Words

I’ve got an idea for an on-line Epitaph web site: People could post their own epitaph’s before they die, or at different points in their lives as they’re living, updating them from time-to-time…. or just do it once and forget about it. It would be how you wanted to be remembered: maybe you never got your 15 minutes of fame but certainly you can write 15 words (or more) that would live in infamy forever. (They'd be stored on huge giant servers. Maybe this would take the place of cemeteries. Instead of burying people, or cremating them, this web site would store "them" in an eternal epitaph!) It would be another version of Facebook if Facebook only had status updates and only one profile photo, no linked conversations, no friends, no advertisements. It would be source material for your last words.

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