Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Book of Fiction -- “Barf Brooks, Las Vegas and the Music City Mafia: Friends In All the Right Places”

This is a fictional story of a kid born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1962, who starts out with nothing and ends up as a country-music-cross-over-pop-and-elevator-music superstar by the time he’s twenty-seven years old. Ten years later, he retires; the mob calls it being “broken”. From New York to Nashville, from Miami to Montana, the entertainment industry is an organization for money laundering. Eventually, the cash-cow comes out of retirement in 2009 and is a headliner in a famous hotel on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, the entertainment and gambling capital of the world…. Sin City, Lost Wages, Glitter Gulch. A national newspaper does a story on his arena and stadium extravaganzas, calling them the "antithesis of Las Vegas glitz, glamor and grandiosity”. Meanwhile, the boy from Tulsa who made it Big is embroiled in a bitter lawsuit from a former female friend and employee, she's suing him for $225,000. The one-time CEO of his television and movie production company says the money he gave her was a gift; he says it was a loan and his “associates” want their money……..(to be continued.)

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