Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Romeo in the Window

Romeo in the window. (One of the zen life-lessons I've learned from being with cats is restful alertness: "patience" - as a concept or a behavior - isn't really necessary for him because he has no sense of time moving backwards or forwards; it's always "right now" .....and he's always ready to move or to sit or to ea or to hunt or to sleep, at any moment with no problem. I haven't mastered any of that yet.)

Literally, one of life's milestones. 2.25.14

Ted Nugent Is A Piss of Work

Ted Nugent is a piss of work, the feces of moral decay to be flushed down the toilet for his impurification. A psychopath (fundamentally flawed and amoral), he is criminally insane without any redeeming human value and no social worth whatsoever. He is a curse upon the land, a famine in the cracked earth for the idiots. He is dirty underwear, stained and sinking to the bottom of a pool of urine, causing the foul noxious odor of bad breath and rotting tooth decay to waft across the land of the living, of whom he is envious. It is from circumstances like these that he has become The Fool he was destined to be: a speed freak with a mental birth defect and a urinary tract infection. He makes the Third Reich look progressive and tolerant. He makes TV reality shows look profound. But make no mistake and never forget that he is a ticking time bomb, like an improvised explosive device buried off to the side of the road less traveled and he wants to promote christian bigotry, fear, hate and ruthless ambition where there is neither liberty nor justice for all.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Are You Alright? Lucinda Williams

Bring Back the Lobotomy!

At some point, a person understands that both good and evil exists within them and they can, deliberately and intentionally, choose to do more of the good and less of the bad throughout their lifetime. But people also create systems (i.e., judicial, economic, political, educational etc.) that are incapable of having this understanding and acting upon it conscientiously. In other words, they can do no good; they can only do evil, because the “good” they do, they only do unto themselves (“evil” being anything that suppresses the “good”.) Even if we concede that corporations are people, what kind of people are they? The answer is simple: they are sociopaths, psychopaths and criminals. We need to confront that our world is run by psychopaths who, having no empathy for others, are fundamentally corrupt and amoral. They have no business with access to any power, authority or influence whatsoever. We should treat corporations and their political lobbyists (and the religions for which they stand) the same way we used to treat the criminally insane: bring back the lobotomy.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Famous Last Words

I’ve got an idea for an on-line Epitaph web site: People could post their own epitaph’s before they die, or at different points in their lives as they’re living, updating them from time-to-time…. or just do it once and forget about it. It would be how you wanted to be remembered: maybe you never got your 15 minutes of fame but certainly you can write 15 words (or more) that would live in infamy forever. (They'd be stored on huge giant servers. Maybe this would take the place of cemeteries. Instead of burying people, or cremating them, this web site would store "them" in an eternal epitaph!) It would be another version of Facebook if Facebook only had status updates and only one profile photo, no linked conversations, no friends, no advertisements. It would be source material for your last words.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Eulogy

I realize that what I’m listening to when I hear TV network news and information “magazines” (especially the on-and-off-line op-ed pieces) squawking about politics, the justice system, economics etc. ---what I’m really hearing is an extended eulogy, memorializing and commemorating the life and death, the rise and fall of values and beliefs previously exalted and now failing: first the pride and then the fall. Cultural and moral evaluations, always so useless and decaying, have become invitations for status updates to “join the conversation” and march together behind the horses in the funeral procession, watching what we step in, on the long walk to the cemetery.  

Friday, February 14, 2014

Republicans and Christians

I realized something today that explains a lot: It’s easier for fundamental GOP, far-right, intractable hard-liners and hard-boiled Republican tea-baggers, Neo-Cons and other fanatics to see another point of view, to find “common-ground”, to see how something contrary could promote their own self-interest, to compromise for the “greater good”, or to stand back and put their own opinions aside, even temporarily, to achieve a national goal……..it’s easier to do more “good” with a Republican than could ever be accomplished with simply a Christian! Not all politicians are lunatics, but Christians are politicians and lunatics!

"Blue In Green" Shirley Horn

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Book of Fiction -- “Barf Brooks, Las Vegas and the Music City Mafia: Friends In All the Right Places”

This is a fictional story of a kid born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1962, who starts out with nothing and ends up as a country-music-cross-over-pop-and-elevator-music superstar by the time he’s twenty-seven years old. Ten years later, he retires; the mob calls it being “broken”. From New York to Nashville, from Miami to Montana, the entertainment industry is an organization for money laundering. Eventually, the cash-cow comes out of retirement in 2009 and is a headliner in a famous hotel on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, the entertainment and gambling capital of the world…. Sin City, Lost Wages, Glitter Gulch. A national newspaper does a story on his arena and stadium extravaganzas, calling them the "antithesis of Las Vegas glitz, glamor and grandiosity”. Meanwhile, the boy from Tulsa who made it Big is embroiled in a bitter lawsuit from a former female friend and employee, she's suing him for $225,000. The one-time CEO of his television and movie production company says the money he gave her was a gift; he says it was a loan and his “associates” want their money……..(to be continued.)