Friday, January 24, 2014

NSA and "the end of time"

Collecting and storing electronic data from emails, phones, Internets and social networks is the quintessential definition of waste; preserving the blather and minutia of human activity is the epitome of wastefulness. Human excrement as a new distinction: the NSA is not an intelligent agency, it’s waste management, it’s a sewer! Consider that “privacy” has roots in Judeo-Christian ethos: the false and arrogant presumption that there’s a “God”, that God created Man, God forgives Man and someday Man will be with God in Heaven. This belief makes man the centerpiece of creation. Everything Man says or does is important and, therefore, suspect: what we say and do has meaning to God and, by extension, to other Men. The NSA accumulates our excreta for eternity, which is the time it takes for this metadata to be cleaned, deleted and erased from the hard drive of human life. That will be “the end of time”.

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