Wednesday, January 1, 2014

“Betrieb totalen Krieg für die Heimat!“

I PREDICT: in 2014 the NSA will recruit average American citizens (and illegals) and equip their electronic devises with specially designed surveillance capabilities. These new Confidential Informant Devices (“CIDs”) will secretly transmit real-time streaming video and live conversations going on in groups of people publicly and in private settings. The top secret program will focus on high-value targets: politicians, celebrities, union leaders, gun-rights activists, religious leaders, doctors, insurance companies, students, teachers, bankers, the T.V. and film industry, stock brokers, parents and grandparents, farmers, ranchers and all entertainers generally. Electronics bought and sold in the U.S. will auto-activate video and audio transmitters in a secret program against "terrorism" known as “Betrieb totalen Krieg für die Heimat!“ (Operation Total War for the Homeland!)

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