Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thought Control

Data collection is less about surveillance than the acquisition of a potentially mind-shattering capability to track, intercept and interrupt human thought before it becomes action. It’s the concept of “preemptive war” applied to sociology and behavior with a GPS-type WiFi installed upon thinking itself. The basic premise is this: 
(1) Before action, there’s a thought. 
(2) To change behavior, change thought. 
(3) Both behavior and thought has to be predictable.
So the NSA collects huge amounts of data to study, analyze and predict behavior and thought. Make no mistake: the ultimate goal of the NSA isn’t to read emails: it’s to read thoughts, control thoughts and behaviors through variables of neurologic-analytics.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

North Nashville


Looking thru a window


Sign on the side of a road

The Future

My friends were surfing websites selling electronics, smart TVs and phones, wireless routers; they also visited an electronics big box store to find the biggest bang for their buck. They were shocked to get an email from Google that said, based on recent credit card and internet activity, Google correctly predicted (proactively) the odds that they were in the market for specific devices. Based on preferences from their profiles, Google made the choice for them and shipped the product. The cost was deducted from their bank account. “Thanks for your business!” (Apparently, they forgot to “opt-out” of this automatic service when they downloaded some software.)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

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Nashville Sometime in Jan. 2014

Transcending our Mortal Body

The invention of the wireless internet, smart TVs and phones, cloud computing and more allows each of us, for the first time in history, to transcend or transmute our earthly bodies. In other words, our mortal body is, to the essence of who we are as a Being, what an electrical cord, cable or satellite receiver is to a WiFi connection. Another way to put it is to say, a WiFi connection is to the essence of who we are as infinite Beings, what cable TV is to a finite mortal body.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Rhio9, "That Ain't Right!"

NSA and "the end of time"

Collecting and storing electronic data from emails, phones, Internets and social networks is the quintessential definition of waste; preserving the blather and minutia of human activity is the epitome of wastefulness. Human excrement as a new distinction: the NSA is not an intelligent agency, it’s waste management, it’s a sewer! Consider that “privacy” has roots in Judeo-Christian ethos: the false and arrogant presumption that there’s a “God”, that God created Man, God forgives Man and someday Man will be with God in Heaven. This belief makes man the centerpiece of creation. Everything Man says or does is important and, therefore, suspect: what we say and do has meaning to God and, by extension, to other Men. The NSA accumulates our excreta for eternity, which is the time it takes for this metadata to be cleaned, deleted and erased from the hard drive of human life. That will be “the end of time”.