Saturday, December 21, 2013


The Establishment Clause (or the “Free Exercise Clause”) of the 1st Amendment is a Trojan horse. It is responsible for multiple fatalities and disasters of historical proportions. It should never have been put into the Constitution. The so-called separation of church and State only protects special interests. It divides society into two separate but equal interests of government: the State, man’s government and the church, apparently “god’s” government managed through man. Church and State are competitors, or at the very least subsidiaries of a corporation each fighting to take over a monopoly by one trying to buy out the other. Their business model is based on so-called “holy” books of dubious origin. What’s left behind is a world littered with the remains of religious imperialism: military and economic aggression sponsored by the US and its allies made possible by the Establishment Clause.

The so-called “separation clause”, contrary to popular myth, allows the church to advertise and sell its political beliefs no matter how incendiary and seditious they may be; if you thought the church existed for a “spiritual” purpose you’d be wrong. The church has acquired legitimacy, validation, respect and credibility because of the “Free Exercise Clause”, not in spite of it (but the church panhandles just out of spite!) Because the Establishment Clause gives the church special treatment, special preferences, tax exemptions and other benefits denied the rest of society, the church should be called out for what it is: an infestation of political activism and subversion. The church is a political action committee spread out in neighborhoods all over the country as small political organizational units representing the agenda of the Democratic and Republican Parties. Church members affiliated with these “religious” Parties freely admit that “god” deserves more respect and allegiance than the State itself. They think of themselves first as citizens of the kingdom of god, then as custodians and heads of families exercising dominion for the kingdom, and finally as citizens of the State, which has been given provisional authority by the kingdom of god. Obviously, religious freedom is merely a cover protected and guaranteed by the Constitution. We only need to study government regulations on banking and financial investments to find a con-game as insidious as the Establishment Clause.

 “Separation of church and State” is an advertising slogan, a marketing scam to make us think we’re getting something for nothing. In fact, we’re getting nothing and paying a lot for it! People who support the separation of church and State are being deceived. They’re giving aid and comfort to the church in a misguided attempt to keep the State free from religious influence. This sends out the message that the church is a legitimate authority representing “god” and it needs to be protected against the State, by the State. Whether it’s church or State, it’s one and the same thing. American secular society is based on pluralism, not separation of church and state. Secularism has no protection against a Christian church and State determined to dominate every aspect of our social experience from cradle to grave. There can be no appeal against the tyranny of Christianity and the State without de-authorizing and repealing the Establishment Clause.

Our rallying cry must be: “No appeal without REPEAL!”

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