Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Notes and reminders to myself for the New Year 2014

  • There is no god.
  • The “right” to worship a god is the right to persecute reason.
  • Religious liberty is an oxymoron.
  • If Corruption is the father and Opportunity the mother: Democracy, Capitalism and Religion are bastard children.
  • Economic inequality is a symptom of capitalism’s natural state of decay.
  • Taxation by equal representation is a myth.
  • The American judicial system exists to protect and serve the rights and property of the Rich.
  • Politics exists to protect, preserve and promote the interests of the Rich.
  • Political parties respond only to the vested interests of bankers and investors.
  • The success of government is measured by its willingness to help the Rich get richer.
  • Republicans are the party of “No”; Democrats, the party of “Not-Yet”.
  • The Medical-Industrial-Complex controls health care costs on behalf of insurance providers.
  • Social networks exists to provide access to advertisers by direct consumer profiling.
  • Everything we’re told by media is a lie; everything we know is wrong.
  • Social media is an entertainment platform; news media is a propaganda platform. (The reverse is also true: social media is a propaganda platform; news media is an entertainment platform.)
  • Climate change is real and its effects are irreversible (in our lifetime).
  • Growth is unsustainable: erectile dysfunction as a consequence.
  • Red state, or blue: all politics is a conspiracy.
  • Wars are fought by the poor and middle-class; profits from war go to the Rich.

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