Friday, November 8, 2013

The Hero Complex

The Hero Complex affects people seeking heroism or recognition, by creating desperate situations which they can resolve. Behavior linked to the Hero Complex includes acts of malicious intent. This behavior may be revenge for losing elections, and so the Hero Complex creates political and economic unrest by feeding anti-social media excitement. The Hero Complex is also linked to previously failed heroism, for example, when the Republicans lost the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections to the Democrats, or at any other time neo-cons lose a bid for power. 
The Tea Party’s need for self-gratification stems from an egotistic admiration of their own failed conservative agenda, their religious arrogance and false pride. The Hero Complex tries to compensate, by deceit usually, for the devaluation of their self-worth; luckily, general elections are long-standing Constitutional safeguards to protect society against the desperate acts of false heroism. Unfortunately, the Republican Party is controlled by a small cartel of minor congressmen and women on the lookout for self-serving opportunities to prove or flaunt inflated images of bravery. 
To make matters worse, phallic narcissism describes the Tea-Party-Personality-Type (TPPT) as individuals having an excessively inflated self-image: they are, typically, 1-Percenters, elitists and “social climbers”, admiration-seeking self-promoters empowered by political success and failure. Phallic personalities are persons whose behavior is reckless, resolute and self-assured. The Tea Party’s vanity is the poster child of narcissistic needs: the “phallic” character (Tea Party Republicans) conceives democracy as something dominated by a permanent Republican majority. On the other hand, the “genital” character (Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans) conceive democracy as participation, partnership and a relationship of common interests. 
The Hero Complex suffers from an intimacy dysfunction in which political exploits are meant to overcompensate for an inability to experience true democracy. 

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