Friday, November 8, 2013

My Menstrual Cycle!

She’s sleeping on a subway from San Francisco to Las Vegas, like an underground bullet train. She ran down the stairs and out of her apartment by sneaking out a window and climbing over a wall. She only had time to grab a handful of change and little torn pieces of paper money folded in the middle like Chinese fortune cookies stuffed in her pockets. Her rent’s due today but at least she has a job and that’s good because today’s pay day; too bad she didn’t show up for work. She probably lost her job, but that’s no big deal….. she lost her suitcase, too, and that’s even worse: it has her cell phone and a camera inside of it. She can’t go back to the apartment either, that’s for sure; there’s no going back. It’s like when she shoots up speed. Once the blood fills that syringe and she pushes that plunger down, slowly, there’s no turning back. She can taste it on her lips before the needle comes out of her arm. But today, most of the time, the subway is full of people who are only confused, but she’s OK with that. She’s feeling like there’s some place she has to be, someplace different that’s not where she is. She needs to be someplace but she can’t get there on the subway. She read her horoscope in the paper and it says the best way to get someplace she’s never been is to…….

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