Friday, November 8, 2013

Modern Dreams Illustrated

I’m at the beach. I hike across the sand to get to the water’s edge. I’m alone. I set up a spot: umbrella, towel, water, food, snacks, radio. I go swimming. I lay out in the sun. I dry off, put on pants and shirt and go walking without my shoes. I leave my keys inside my shoes on the towel. I walk back towards town where I stay at a hotel. It’s 4pm. I start back to the beach. I’m in a rush, hurrying, almost running, trying to get back before the sun goes down while there’s still light. I’m barefoot and my feet are dirty from the sidewalk. I’m in a big city near the ocean. I can smell the city. I can hear the ocean. Not it’s 5pm. I’m a long way from the beach. It gets further away as I keep walking towards it. New streets, buildings, apartments and houses keep “popping up” between me and the beach where my keys and shoes are placed on the towel. I wonder if they’ll be there when I get back, if I get back. The sun’s going down faster now. I can’t get back in time, it’ll be dark soon and no light. Now I’m walking down a sidewalk with bare feet. I recognize people I’ve seen and talked to in other dreams. Someone comes up to me and gives me a key to an apartment. They tell me I can find my drums there. I see lots of busses and taxis. I’m in a bad part of town, a “bad neighborhood”. There are gangs and thugs roaming around. I’ve been here before and it’s not safe. The sun is almost down, it’s almost dark and I can’t see anything. And that’s when I wake up.

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