Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Horrorscopes Nov. 10

ARIES To know who you are, you have to know that you are.
TAURUS Don’t exaggerate so much; you already have a million friends.
GEMINI This week you’ll be the insufferable artist, wound up like a clock.
CANCER Don’t wait for reality to give you a handful of curiosities.
LEO  Rehabilitate yourself, but don’t cling to the “religion of the heart”.
VIRGO Remember that perfection is a system, a whole view of things together.
LIBRA If impulses are the tyrant, invent a counter-tyrant who is even stronger.
SCORPIO Your idiosyncrasies are no longer exceptional; get in line.
SAGITTARIUS To be what the artist is, do what the artist does.
CAPRICORN Your strongest leadership quality is to not over-react to bad news.
AQUARIUS You possess the instinct of understanding, transform your self.
PISCES Success comes at the expense of those most closely related to you.

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