Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Horrorscopes for Nov. 3

ARIES     - Avoid attention; stay in bed.
TAURUS  - Being normal isn’t easy for anyone.
GEMINI  – You’re sometimes less sensitive than you think.
CANCER  - Be observant, but not intrusive.
LEO        – Remember, brush away from the gums.
VIRGO    - Practice hard, but not for too long.
LIBRA     - Be strong now; you’ll need it later.
SCORPIO - Have any kind of day you want; it’s OK.
SAGITTARIUS – You’ll miss out in a big way; but you won’t be sorry.
CAPRICORN – Go ahead, make a mistake; just don’t worry about it.
AQUARIUS   – Hanging upside down from the ceiling might make it worse.
PISCES        - Control your mind before someone else does.

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