Friday, November 29, 2013

The RAW data: Accused and Presumed Guilty (11.29.13)


Religions, religious leaders and moralists throughout history have taught that man is accused and presumed guilty of being born, guilty of his own existence. It’s a story of sex, sin and deceit and more sex. These religious beliefs and moral precepts are really sadistic viruses with which priests, bishops, popes, pastors, evangelists, politicians and some philosophers (representing the Prosecution) infect mankind with all manner of dysfunction. 

The accused are presumed guilty. The only material witness for the defense is based on the Idea of God. The “Idea of God” is an idea that exists in the mind; that is the total defense. The accused stands behind this Idea of God like it’s a curtain or a cloak or a bullet-proof vest - a flax jacket. The existence of God is never questioned: the only admissible evidence for the defense is the “Idea of God”. That should be enough to bring a verdict of not-guilty. 

What is NOT admissible is evidence that the very “Idea of God” is material testimony to the decay of life itself, for which the accused stands trial in the first place! When the power to overcome one’s self, the power of vitality and freedom of life begins to be eaten away; when it starts to deteriorate, degenerate, decline, succumb – then the “Idea of God” has already taken its place. The “Idea of God” relative to the presumed guiltiness of man for being born with a will to power and strength for his own existence regardless of so-called justification, the “Idea of God” replaces everything, promising a steady entropy of all things and ultimate collapse.

Politics, economics, social expectations, education, justice: systems man has devised and created as material relevant to the destructive power of the “Idea of God”. The Idea is a material witnesses to decay, defeat, degeneration, entropy, decline and disease; symptoms of psychological obsessions with self-help, trying-to-get-better, do-the-right-thing, improvement, evolution, progress, sustainability, heaven and hell, “the future”, pathologies, neurosis, psychosis, allergies, paranoia’s, deceit and crime.

The decay of life and its degenerative influence takes the form of The Prosecutor who is out for revenge, to protect and project the dominance of the Idea of God. The accused man, the guilty man guilty of his own existence - guilty of being born - ultimately needs a Savior. The Idea of God invents the Savior to testify on his behalf, to ultimately die for the presumed guilt of all. The innocent man accused of being guilty needs the Savior to declare him “Innocent!” The very “Idea of God” and the “Idea of the Savior” are in-themselves evidence of decay. The Idea of God is testimony to the decline of life. Man’s feelings of guilt for existing, for the shame of being born and the self-doubt about one’s own value is derivative and finds its place in every decaying culture, society throughout history.

Religion and morality are witnesses for the Prosecution. Man is presumed guilty and is accused of being guilty of his own existence. The Prosecution presents its case to a jury of equally accused and guilty men. (Not accused “equally”, but guilty equally of being accused!) The Prosecution of life is an attack on strength, failures and successes, fears and courage, power…..especially power, man’s reach for power and his need to reach for it. The moralist in man has only one defense: the “Idea of God”. With this Idea the defense will find blame and ultimately ask for a not-guilty verdict, taking refuge in the “Idea of God” along with all the other accused and guilty men.

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