Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11.12.13 Astrology Today

ARIES: No one, no longer, imitates and represents everything they feel - no one except you. You can be argumentative even over things you despise; even a con-artist can be charming and a pretty girl can always entice almost anyone.

TAURUS: Old friends become separated even to the point of mutual distrust. Sometimes it’s better to have a bad memory than no sense of humor: the name of a selfish lover is never on anyone’s lips for very long, because complaining may give life a certain charm, but without its intoxicating power.

GEMINI: The will that moves mountains aspires to art: the artist is always under the spell of power. So now you’re having one good day after another and life is an experiment in love; who can say “no” to you? Go ahead and make promises, but be sure to inspire us when you get back.

CANCER: Because of your faith, you can’t afford the luxury of skepticism. There’s a depressing side to the rich and famous, but scandal and controversy will never be yours: if you’re short on space, there’s nothing wrong with using small words.

LEO: Self-medicating appears to calm you down, but you’re still a song bird locked in a cage. You may be living a life that matters, but an unfinished obituary will not be how you’re remembered: Idolatry is a philosophy and a way of life taught by celebrities.

VIRGO: Your honesty intimidates others precisely because of their incapacity for it. If you cannot change what is important to you, make important those things you can change. Unlike girlfriends and wives, never refer to casual dates by name.

LIBRA: If you want to be happy, stop eating food that is indigestible. And remember, “In youth a lie can be concealed, because a lie takes comfort in the next generation.” Tell your side of the story, because that’s what it means to compete.

SCORPIO: You always have reasons for being grateful and at times even cheerful, in a matter-of-fact sort of way. People will give you whatever they can, but don’t expect more than the market will bear. If you wake up and think you’re a loser, well, you’re not a loser; you just turn people off!

SAGITTARIUS: A debt collector tries to bully you, but that’s a step up from your current occupation. Being a middle-age actor in the epic story of your life may simply be a sequel to a dime novel. Wife-swapping is yesterday’s news. Don’t worry about the lying and cheating; that too will pass.

CAPRICORN: You make things too complicated and your sincerity is unconvincing. Inevitability is the centerpiece of fate on the dining room table of evolution, which makes the world less cynical for people with obsessions.

AQUARIUS: The story of your life (the way it ends) is filed away in an underground crypt with other things you love. Frustrations are not entirely to blame; clean your house before it becomes obvious to others. If you don’t like the hand you’re dealt, you can always get another dealer or go to a different casino.

PISCES: You belong here and what you do makes the end of the world happen sooner. You have dreams that are dark, but just because you’re moody don’t lose sleep fantasizing about the future. You must need to be strong, otherwise you’ll never become strong.

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