Friday, November 29, 2013

The RAW data: Accused and Presumed Guilty (11.29.13)


Religions, religious leaders and moralists throughout history have taught that man is accused and presumed guilty of being born, guilty of his own existence. It’s a story of sex, sin and deceit and more sex. These religious beliefs and moral precepts are really sadistic viruses with which priests, bishops, popes, pastors, evangelists, politicians and some philosophers (representing the Prosecution) infect mankind with all manner of dysfunction. 

The accused are presumed guilty. The only material witness for the defense is based on the Idea of God. The “Idea of God” is an idea that exists in the mind; that is the total defense. The accused stands behind this Idea of God like it’s a curtain or a cloak or a bullet-proof vest - a flax jacket. The existence of God is never questioned: the only admissible evidence for the defense is the “Idea of God”. That should be enough to bring a verdict of not-guilty. 

What is NOT admissible is evidence that the very “Idea of God” is material testimony to the decay of life itself, for which the accused stands trial in the first place! When the power to overcome one’s self, the power of vitality and freedom of life begins to be eaten away; when it starts to deteriorate, degenerate, decline, succumb – then the “Idea of God” has already taken its place. The “Idea of God” relative to the presumed guiltiness of man for being born with a will to power and strength for his own existence regardless of so-called justification, the “Idea of God” replaces everything, promising a steady entropy of all things and ultimate collapse.

Politics, economics, social expectations, education, justice: systems man has devised and created as material relevant to the destructive power of the “Idea of God”. The Idea is a material witnesses to decay, defeat, degeneration, entropy, decline and disease; symptoms of psychological obsessions with self-help, trying-to-get-better, do-the-right-thing, improvement, evolution, progress, sustainability, heaven and hell, “the future”, pathologies, neurosis, psychosis, allergies, paranoia’s, deceit and crime.

The decay of life and its degenerative influence takes the form of The Prosecutor who is out for revenge, to protect and project the dominance of the Idea of God. The accused man, the guilty man guilty of his own existence - guilty of being born - ultimately needs a Savior. The Idea of God invents the Savior to testify on his behalf, to ultimately die for the presumed guilt of all. The innocent man accused of being guilty needs the Savior to declare him “Innocent!” The very “Idea of God” and the “Idea of the Savior” are in-themselves evidence of decay. The Idea of God is testimony to the decline of life. Man’s feelings of guilt for existing, for the shame of being born and the self-doubt about one’s own value is derivative and finds its place in every decaying culture, society throughout history.

Religion and morality are witnesses for the Prosecution. Man is presumed guilty and is accused of being guilty of his own existence. The Prosecution presents its case to a jury of equally accused and guilty men. (Not accused “equally”, but guilty equally of being accused!) The Prosecution of life is an attack on strength, failures and successes, fears and courage, power…..especially power, man’s reach for power and his need to reach for it. The moralist in man has only one defense: the “Idea of God”. With this Idea the defense will find blame and ultimately ask for a not-guilty verdict, taking refuge in the “Idea of God” along with all the other accused and guilty men.

Our neighbor's cat and dog. 11.28.13

Down our Street 11.28.13

Romeo on Thanksgiving Day being alert and curious.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013



11.12.13 Astrology Today

ARIES: No one, no longer, imitates and represents everything they feel - no one except you. You can be argumentative even over things you despise; even a con-artist can be charming and a pretty girl can always entice almost anyone.

TAURUS: Old friends become separated even to the point of mutual distrust. Sometimes it’s better to have a bad memory than no sense of humor: the name of a selfish lover is never on anyone’s lips for very long, because complaining may give life a certain charm, but without its intoxicating power.

GEMINI: The will that moves mountains aspires to art: the artist is always under the spell of power. So now you’re having one good day after another and life is an experiment in love; who can say “no” to you? Go ahead and make promises, but be sure to inspire us when you get back.

CANCER: Because of your faith, you can’t afford the luxury of skepticism. There’s a depressing side to the rich and famous, but scandal and controversy will never be yours: if you’re short on space, there’s nothing wrong with using small words.

LEO: Self-medicating appears to calm you down, but you’re still a song bird locked in a cage. You may be living a life that matters, but an unfinished obituary will not be how you’re remembered: Idolatry is a philosophy and a way of life taught by celebrities.

VIRGO: Your honesty intimidates others precisely because of their incapacity for it. If you cannot change what is important to you, make important those things you can change. Unlike girlfriends and wives, never refer to casual dates by name.

LIBRA: If you want to be happy, stop eating food that is indigestible. And remember, “In youth a lie can be concealed, because a lie takes comfort in the next generation.” Tell your side of the story, because that’s what it means to compete.

SCORPIO: You always have reasons for being grateful and at times even cheerful, in a matter-of-fact sort of way. People will give you whatever they can, but don’t expect more than the market will bear. If you wake up and think you’re a loser, well, you’re not a loser; you just turn people off!

SAGITTARIUS: A debt collector tries to bully you, but that’s a step up from your current occupation. Being a middle-age actor in the epic story of your life may simply be a sequel to a dime novel. Wife-swapping is yesterday’s news. Don’t worry about the lying and cheating; that too will pass.

CAPRICORN: You make things too complicated and your sincerity is unconvincing. Inevitability is the centerpiece of fate on the dining room table of evolution, which makes the world less cynical for people with obsessions.

AQUARIUS: The story of your life (the way it ends) is filed away in an underground crypt with other things you love. Frustrations are not entirely to blame; clean your house before it becomes obvious to others. If you don’t like the hand you’re dealt, you can always get another dealer or go to a different casino.

PISCES: You belong here and what you do makes the end of the world happen sooner. You have dreams that are dark, but just because you’re moody don’t lose sleep fantasizing about the future. You must need to be strong, otherwise you’ll never become strong.

On our walk Monday Nov. 11

Horrorscopes Nov. 10

ARIES To know who you are, you have to know that you are.
TAURUS Don’t exaggerate so much; you already have a million friends.
GEMINI This week you’ll be the insufferable artist, wound up like a clock.
CANCER Don’t wait for reality to give you a handful of curiosities.
LEO  Rehabilitate yourself, but don’t cling to the “religion of the heart”.
VIRGO Remember that perfection is a system, a whole view of things together.
LIBRA If impulses are the tyrant, invent a counter-tyrant who is even stronger.
SCORPIO Your idiosyncrasies are no longer exceptional; get in line.
SAGITTARIUS To be what the artist is, do what the artist does.
CAPRICORN Your strongest leadership quality is to not over-react to bad news.
AQUARIUS You possess the instinct of understanding, transform your self.
PISCES Success comes at the expense of those most closely related to you.

Horrorscopes for Nov. 3

ARIES     - Avoid attention; stay in bed.
TAURUS  - Being normal isn’t easy for anyone.
GEMINI  – You’re sometimes less sensitive than you think.
CANCER  - Be observant, but not intrusive.
LEO        – Remember, brush away from the gums.
VIRGO    - Practice hard, but not for too long.
LIBRA     - Be strong now; you’ll need it later.
SCORPIO - Have any kind of day you want; it’s OK.
SAGITTARIUS – You’ll miss out in a big way; but you won’t be sorry.
CAPRICORN – Go ahead, make a mistake; just don’t worry about it.
AQUARIUS   – Hanging upside down from the ceiling might make it worse.
PISCES        - Control your mind before someone else does.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Sonata For A Good Man (The Lives of Others)

Chopin Prelude in E minor

The Scumbugs Baby's Gone Away

Kenny Burrell Stormy Monday Blues

The Trial, by Kafka

Last week I started re-reading “The Trial” and I realized this morning that we….. I mean society  – we are all in the same or a similar condition as Kafka’s character, “K.” What the NSA and intelligence collecting data-mining surveillance spying-techno-bureaucrats have done, what the CIA and Homeland Security is doing, they’ve given us notice that we are basically “UNDER ARREST”. I don’t mean we’re going to be hauled off to jail right away or maybe never, because there ARE no charges. There IS no crime. There IS no evidence. The point is, we’re all under suspicion! That’s the point. When you see the flashing lights in the rearview mirror, pull over.

A Vendetta

It’s been said that we all have a death sentence against us from the moment we’re born, like bad credit. So what could be more torturous than to be convicted of a crime, sentenced to death and then allowed to live never knowing when the end will come? After years of appeals to higher courts, it makes perfect sense. Obviously, the death sentence is no deterrence to crime but neither is philosophy, religion or morality. There’s no added incentive one way or another for believing in God or expecting emptiness; isn’t it the same thing? Life becomes less like a journey and more like a vendetta.