Saturday, December 21, 2013


The Establishment Clause (or the “Free Exercise Clause”) of the 1st Amendment is a Trojan horse. It is responsible for multiple fatalities and disasters of historical proportions. It should never have been put into the Constitution. The so-called separation of church and State only protects special interests. It divides society into two separate but equal interests of government: the State, man’s government and the church, apparently “god’s” government managed through man. Church and State are competitors, or at the very least subsidiaries of a corporation each fighting to take over a monopoly by one trying to buy out the other. Their business model is based on so-called “holy” books of dubious origin. What’s left behind is a world littered with the remains of religious imperialism: military and economic aggression sponsored by the US and its allies made possible by the Establishment Clause.

The so-called “separation clause”, contrary to popular myth, allows the church to advertise and sell its political beliefs no matter how incendiary and seditious they may be; if you thought the church existed for a “spiritual” purpose you’d be wrong. The church has acquired legitimacy, validation, respect and credibility because of the “Free Exercise Clause”, not in spite of it (but the church panhandles just out of spite!) Because the Establishment Clause gives the church special treatment, special preferences, tax exemptions and other benefits denied the rest of society, the church should be called out for what it is: an infestation of political activism and subversion. The church is a political action committee spread out in neighborhoods all over the country as small political organizational units representing the agenda of the Democratic and Republican Parties. Church members affiliated with these “religious” Parties freely admit that “god” deserves more respect and allegiance than the State itself. They think of themselves first as citizens of the kingdom of god, then as custodians and heads of families exercising dominion for the kingdom, and finally as citizens of the State, which has been given provisional authority by the kingdom of god. Obviously, religious freedom is merely a cover protected and guaranteed by the Constitution. We only need to study government regulations on banking and financial investments to find a con-game as insidious as the Establishment Clause.

 “Separation of church and State” is an advertising slogan, a marketing scam to make us think we’re getting something for nothing. In fact, we’re getting nothing and paying a lot for it! People who support the separation of church and State are being deceived. They’re giving aid and comfort to the church in a misguided attempt to keep the State free from religious influence. This sends out the message that the church is a legitimate authority representing “god” and it needs to be protected against the State, by the State. Whether it’s church or State, it’s one and the same thing. American secular society is based on pluralism, not separation of church and state. Secularism has no protection against a Christian church and State determined to dominate every aspect of our social experience from cradle to grave. There can be no appeal against the tyranny of Christianity and the State without de-authorizing and repealing the Establishment Clause.

Our rallying cry must be: “No appeal without REPEAL!”

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Police and Policy

Form Letter to Delete Any Social Networking Site

Dec. 18, 2013
To Whom It May Concern
Re: The difference between POLICE and POLICY is one letter.

Let me inform you that I am permanently deleting your site from my active social networks and on-line activity. I have attempted to provide the benefit of the doubt, with generous flexibility, regarding your policies for policing the content of your little corner of the Internet. However, your competency in this effort is severely lacking, causing your motives to come into question. It is clear to me that you do not have the intelligence nor (and most importantly).... you do not have the authority to make these decisions which appear to be based on a misguided sense of moral superiority, bestowing upon yourselves the duty to protect against "threats" to your tribal traditions and superstitions. I have no reason to expect you to develop the nuance of a progressive world-view sensibility and, therefore, you leave me no choice but to permanently suspend and delete your site from my social networking activities, effective immediately.  


Rhio Hirsch (former ______________ participant)
                              (fill in any name here)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NSA DisInfo

On Sunday night the NSA used CBS “60 Minutes” as a cover for routine evasions and omissions, propaganda and a disinformation PR campaign to support its not-so-covert-anymore bulk data mining and surveillance practices. On Monday Judge Richard Leon ruled that the NSA violated the Constitution by systematically keeping records on all Americans’ phone calls. He described its technology as “Orwellian”. Richard Ledgett (head of NSA’s 'unauthorized disclosure' task force) suggested granting whistle-blower Edward Snowden amnesty to prevent further leaks --- that’s probably a not-so-subtle trick used by police to mislead suspects into thinking they're safe when they're not… on the contrary.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Povluenza: A new medical condtion to defend urban crime.

Povluenza is a new medical condition that helps explain the rise in urban crime. It is a contagion characterized by the lack of minimum food and shelter necessary for maintaining life consistent with inflammation of a complicated social phenomenon wherein the poor have little concern for the future forcing them to engage in self‐defeating behavior most notably evidenced by fatalism, resignation, inferiority, passiveness, hopelessness and powerlessness.

---from Whackurpedia 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Notes and reminders to myself for the New Year 2014

  • There is no god.
  • The “right” to worship a god is the right to persecute reason.
  • Religious liberty is an oxymoron.
  • If Corruption is the father and Opportunity the mother: Democracy, Capitalism and Religion are bastard children.
  • Economic inequality is a symptom of capitalism’s natural state of decay.
  • Taxation by equal representation is a myth.
  • The American judicial system exists to protect and serve the rights and property of the Rich.
  • Politics exists to protect, preserve and promote the interests of the Rich.
  • Political parties respond only to the vested interests of bankers and investors.
  • The success of government is measured by its willingness to help the Rich get richer.
  • Republicans are the party of “No”; Democrats, the party of “Not-Yet”.
  • The Medical-Industrial-Complex controls health care costs on behalf of insurance providers.
  • Social networks exists to provide access to advertisers by direct consumer profiling.
  • Everything we’re told by media is a lie; everything we know is wrong.
  • Social media is an entertainment platform; news media is a propaganda platform. (The reverse is also true: social media is a propaganda platform; news media is an entertainment platform.)
  • Climate change is real and its effects are irreversible (in our lifetime).
  • Growth is unsustainable: erectile dysfunction as a consequence.
  • Red state, or blue: all politics is a conspiracy.
  • Wars are fought by the poor and middle-class; profits from war go to the Rich.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Minimum Wage

The next sound you hear, if you haven’t heard it already, will be minimum wage demands (from fast food workers with the help of organized crime, sorry -- I meant organized labor) framed as a racist issue: if you’re against increasing the minimum wage - you’re racist, you’re an enemy of racial equality, you’re opposed to a path to citizenship, you’re against minorities, affordable health care and a livable wage. Those fast food/junk food workers demanding $15 to $20 an hour increase in the MW are a textbook example of an Entitlement Nation. (Also, a perfect example of Nietzsche's concept of "resentment" and "revenge".)

A Dream about Elvis

Went to see an Elvis Presley Show last night (in a dream) in an outdoor showroom under-the-stars. The stage was black and it had 7 music stands lined up in the shape of a half-moon but with no musicians, just life-sized cutouts of musicians standing behind the music stands. Prerecorded music started up, spotlights moved around the stage creating excitement and anticipation. Elvis came out dancing and doing his act, singing into a microphone. We looked at each other and got up and walked out. I woke up.


The “cash-rebate-after-savings” marketing maneuver is a scam for consumers who pay full price for something; consumers get a portion of the money back after the Corporation has had the use of the money interest-free for at least 30 to 60 days before the rebate. Stockholders get all the benefit of the investment (a form of subsidy to the Corporation) and consumers take all the risks. The item purchased loses its value immediately and the consumer ends up on the short end. That sounds to me like an old-school shell game: a fraud generating interest-free loans for Corporations in order to hide their tax-free capital gains. In other words, "the large print giveth and the small print taketh away."

12.8.13 A Dream

I had a dream last night I was working for a collection agency. A customer was behind on his payments, so I did a background check and found out it was all a misunderstanding. So we cancelled his penalty, but he wanted to be punished anyway for something else. We sent him a subpoena to appear in court for playing his French horn out-of-tune, being a nuisance and disturbing other residents by keeping them awake at night. A tool manufacturing company streamlined the process of making the French horn and speeded up the process by moving tables around a room. After that, he always played in tune.

Johnny Griffin solo, Village Vanguard "The Jazz Life" (Blistering fast song!)

Archie Shepp "Blue In Green"

Archie Shepp & Mal Waldron "Let Alone"

Billie Holiday, "P.S. I Love You" (Complete Verve 1945-1959) Disc 3

Wayne Shorter, "Teru"

Thursday, December 5, 2013


The Insurance Salesman

I'm beginning to understand Nietzsche’s concept of resentment and revenge; the two go together to form ideas of “morality”. He saw it as symptoms of decay and decline – sickness and all forms of pity and optimism. Religion is based on it, government too. I can see it everywhere now. It’s the moral dumpster where the have’s-and-have-not’s fight over class warfare, the economy, religious bias, “freedom”, prejudice and preferences; secret surveillance systems and fears of terrorism; political parties and deception; crime and punishment, minimum wage protests, union activism, gun-rights advocates, all wars and now even health care, dividing the healthy from the sickly. You don’t think Obama resents it that he’s gone from being the President of the United States to become an insurance salesman?

Friday, November 29, 2013

The RAW data: Accused and Presumed Guilty (11.29.13)


Religions, religious leaders and moralists throughout history have taught that man is accused and presumed guilty of being born, guilty of his own existence. It’s a story of sex, sin and deceit and more sex. These religious beliefs and moral precepts are really sadistic viruses with which priests, bishops, popes, pastors, evangelists, politicians and some philosophers (representing the Prosecution) infect mankind with all manner of dysfunction. 

The accused are presumed guilty. The only material witness for the defense is based on the Idea of God. The “Idea of God” is an idea that exists in the mind; that is the total defense. The accused stands behind this Idea of God like it’s a curtain or a cloak or a bullet-proof vest - a flax jacket. The existence of God is never questioned: the only admissible evidence for the defense is the “Idea of God”. That should be enough to bring a verdict of not-guilty. 

What is NOT admissible is evidence that the very “Idea of God” is material testimony to the decay of life itself, for which the accused stands trial in the first place! When the power to overcome one’s self, the power of vitality and freedom of life begins to be eaten away; when it starts to deteriorate, degenerate, decline, succumb – then the “Idea of God” has already taken its place. The “Idea of God” relative to the presumed guiltiness of man for being born with a will to power and strength for his own existence regardless of so-called justification, the “Idea of God” replaces everything, promising a steady entropy of all things and ultimate collapse.

Politics, economics, social expectations, education, justice: systems man has devised and created as material relevant to the destructive power of the “Idea of God”. The Idea is a material witnesses to decay, defeat, degeneration, entropy, decline and disease; symptoms of psychological obsessions with self-help, trying-to-get-better, do-the-right-thing, improvement, evolution, progress, sustainability, heaven and hell, “the future”, pathologies, neurosis, psychosis, allergies, paranoia’s, deceit and crime.

The decay of life and its degenerative influence takes the form of The Prosecutor who is out for revenge, to protect and project the dominance of the Idea of God. The accused man, the guilty man guilty of his own existence - guilty of being born - ultimately needs a Savior. The Idea of God invents the Savior to testify on his behalf, to ultimately die for the presumed guilt of all. The innocent man accused of being guilty needs the Savior to declare him “Innocent!” The very “Idea of God” and the “Idea of the Savior” are in-themselves evidence of decay. The Idea of God is testimony to the decline of life. Man’s feelings of guilt for existing, for the shame of being born and the self-doubt about one’s own value is derivative and finds its place in every decaying culture, society throughout history.

Religion and morality are witnesses for the Prosecution. Man is presumed guilty and is accused of being guilty of his own existence. The Prosecution presents its case to a jury of equally accused and guilty men. (Not accused “equally”, but guilty equally of being accused!) The Prosecution of life is an attack on strength, failures and successes, fears and courage, power…..especially power, man’s reach for power and his need to reach for it. The moralist in man has only one defense: the “Idea of God”. With this Idea the defense will find blame and ultimately ask for a not-guilty verdict, taking refuge in the “Idea of God” along with all the other accused and guilty men.